"Nature Was Here began when I started thinking about my relationship with Mother Nature, no longer in terms of ownership, nature not as something to conquer, but how to be a better steward …and, in many ways a better listener."              --- joshua


1.   Compassion : motivated to act from a place of love and kindness, because we are all connected here on Mother Earth
2.   Honesty : dedicated to the truth and making the message(s) accessible to all people, regardless of education level
3.   Sustainability : focusing on stewardship, not ownership, applying permaculture to environmental and social systems
4.   Reconciliation : advocating to restore natural cycles and landscapes while empowering people most affected by climate change

It is easy to offer criticism.  So, what are the solutions?  What is our vision of the future? 
There are many ways, beyond education, to get involved with climate justice-  Solving the climate crisis will require many of us, utilizing many approaches.  For inspiration and imagination, the area below is dedicated to the work of other people and organizations.
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jacque fresco
Venus Project
oceana plastic pollution 4ocean missionblue
rainforest alliance trees nature leaves water
buckminster fuller
Dymaxion projection earth globe
foodnotbombs foodshare homeless potluck
BLM black lives matter liberation
black-lives-matter social justice
indigenous first nation native rights
columbusday indigenouspeoplesday
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beehivecollective solidarity animals
Nature Was Here also stands in solidarity with organizations like Slingshot Collective, National Homeless CoalitionPlanned Parenthood, GreenpeaceIcarus Project, movements for Universal Healthcare, free education and the millions of people who are fighting for a $15/hr, living wage
If we can agree on the issues and agree on the goals, let us not be so divisive over our methods.
We must stand together, especially in difficult times - All we have is each other.  How will you help Mother Earth?  How do you help your community? 
Everyone is a leader and each of us has an important role to fulfill in our community.​ Get involved locally!
...at least call your Mom.  Ok, thanks.