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"Nature Was Here began when I started thinking about my relationship with Mother Nature, no longer in terms of ownership, nature not as something to conquer, but how to be a better steward …and, in many ways a better listener."              --- joshua


1.   Compassion : revolution is restoration is an act of love and kindness - we have nothing left to lose but fire
2.   Honesty : dedicated to the truth, making the message clear and accessible to all people from disparate backgrounds
3.   Sustainability : focusing on stewardship, not ownership, applying permaculture to environmental as well as social systems
4.   Reconciliation : advocating to restore natural cycles and lands while empowering people most affected by climate change - LAND BACK

It is easy to offer criticism.  So, what are the solutions?  What is our vision of the future? 
Social Justice is Climate Justice - how can we expect people to care about the planet if their basic needs are not yet met?  Organizing around affordable housing, universal healthcare and securing other basic human rights is all part of climate work.  Solving the climate crisis will require many of us, utilizing many approaches.  For inspiration and imagination, the area below is dedicated to the work of other people and organizations.
Recommended Reading
Climate Education
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Inspirational Videos
Social Movements
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jacque fresco
Venus Project
oceana plastic pollution 4ocean missionblue
rainforest alliance trees nature leaves water
buckminster fuller
Dymaxion projection earth globe
foodnotbombs foodshare homeless potluck
BLM black lives matter liberation
black-lives-matter social justice
indigenous first nation native rights
columbusday indigenouspeoplesday
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beehivecollective solidarity animals
Nature Was Here also stands in solidarity with organizations like Slingshot Collective, National Homeless CoalitionPlanned Parenthood, GreenpeaceIcarus Project, movements for Universal Healthcare, free education and the millions of people who are fighting for a livable wage.
Compromise on the path but be unrelenting about the goal.

We must work together, even if personalities within communities are sometimes misaligned - All we have is each other. Before capitalism and the distance  afforded by money and facilitated by technology, we had to actually rely on our neighbors - You might not have liked the farmer down the street but you relied on each other to survive. We are fighting for survival, don't ever forget it.

And, solidarity does not always imply empathizing or sympathizing with others in a struggle or a place of hurt - In excess, this narrow definition of solidarity might cause us to be jealous of others doing well, to want others to suffer as we have - If someone you know achieves a bit of success with a small business or some other way of coping with capitalism, celebrate the success of our neighbors and friends. Practice sympathetic joy. least call your Mom.
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