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Nature Was Here ...en memorandum where humans have gone astray and anticipating our hopeful return to harmony. 

The mission of this project since 2012 is to inspire care and action for the land through art, music, education and environmental restoration projects: honeysuckle removal, organic gardening and native plant installations. Nature Will Be There - It is us that need to be saved.


3/1/24 will be the 4 year anniversary of this press conference where legislation was introduced to ban single-use grocery bags. The costume seen here is inspired by Bag Monster at ChicoBag company, representing the 500 plastic bags a family uses on average per year.

Now is a critical time to ensure city council understands the importance of passing this legislation - you can give comment directly on 2/12/24 at noon!

Even though the Ohio passed HB 242 the state constitution does allow individual municipalities to decide for themselves, we simply have to be courageous and not give into pressure from retailers!


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